Week 13 -Artist Interview – Marty Knop

This week I visited the Werby gallery and saw Marty Knop’s algorithmic art. At first glance, the pieces were very complex patterns printed on paper while others appeared to be painted. I found that the paintings were very interesting because to paint with such detail is impressive because it requires a lot of skill. I also found Knop’s exhibit interesting because it was just like our assignment from the previous week. The assignment was also algorithmic art and could be done on a computer as Knop did with his art.

Knop created some of his pieces using a computer program called Mathmatica. Knop said that all he had to do was create a sort of code and the program would create a complex pattern. Knop also said that if he took the inverse of the equation code he used, he would get a pattern that was virtually symmetrical.

This gallery was very interesting because it showed me the kinds of things I could have done for my assignment. The patterns I saw were very interesting and almost epilepsy inducing. If I had seen this gallery a week sooner and learned about Mathmatica it would have made my algorithmic art assignment much better, if I had actually done it at all.


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