Week 15 – Classmate Interview – Hunter Dimas

This week I interviewed my classmate Hunter Dimas. He is a nineteen year old freshman majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Forensic Science. He intends to use his minor in Forensic Science to be a firearm specialist. What inspired Dimas to major in criminal justice was a movie he saw called “The Great Mouse Detective.” He said that there was a moment in the movie, where the mouse just walked into a room and was automatically able to solve the crime, which made him want to be a detective. So far, Dimas has not taken much classes in way of criminal justice but he took a forensic science course in high school that made him want to continue studying.

Dimas attended Wilson high school, therefore, he is quite at home attending CSULB. In terms of hobbies, Dimas is similar to me. We do not have many things that we are interested in or things that we invest much time in but we enjoy a variety of activities. One example of this is fishing, Dimas loves to fish as do I but he does not have many opportunities. In addition, Dimas likes to play volleyball at the beach with his friends, which I do not because of my aversion to beaches. Dimas says he also likes to play video games but does not do so much because of time. I found this interesting because I love playing video games but I held my excitement in so that I would not look like I was a game freak.

One thing that Dimas and I had in common was hiking. Dimas is planning to go hiking at Glacier National Park in Montana. Personally, I go hunting which is not hiking but involves hiking. I related to his future trip in Glacier because I had previously been to Sierra National Park.


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