Week 15 – Artist Interview – Ashley Gilliam

This week was a different experience in the galleries because all the galleries were one exhibit, a BFA senior show of illustration and animation. Many of the artists were not present at the time I was save three or so. Since the pieces of the artists that were present did not call my attention I will focus on some pieces of an artist that was not there. Her name is Ashley Gilliam. I liked Gilliam’s pieces because they looked like anime drawings done in water colors.

Although I did not talk directly to Gilliam I did read her statement that was hung next to her pieces. The statement was more an inspirational statement than one describing her work. Summed up, her statement described her journey through school where she had ups and downs because of some professors telling her that her drawings were awful and others telling her that her drawings were good. Gilliam says that it was all worth it in the end and she later questions if it “how did we survive?”


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