Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Brandon Hamada

This week I interviewed my classmate Brandon Hamada. Hamada is a freshman ,as I am, and is majoring in mechanical engineering. During our interview we spoke a lot about random things as regular friends would. In fact, we spoke so much we forgot to go to the galleries and ended up going at 11:30. From our conversation we found out that we both dislike musicals and the felling of falling. The way we found out that we both dislike falling was because we were talking about back-flips at the time.

What Hamada and I had in common was that we were both good at dodge ball when we were little. Seeing as that we were both talking as we were already good friends, we discussed how we consider someone a friend. Hamada considers someone his friend if they get along and hang out. In contrast, I have very strict criteria for who I consider my friend; consequently, I have only one friend. Although I have strict criteria for who my friends are I have a feeling that Hamada and I are going to be friends. This is because after the class was over we went to the USU and talked for two hours. This activity was great overall because I feel that I have made a possible friend in the future.


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