Week 11 – Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia

This week I visited the Max L. Gatov gallery west and saw Gabriel Garcia’s exhibit “Toxic Masculinity.” The exhibit contained paintings of objects that are commonly seen in things that are considered to be “for men.” All of the paintings used mostly black and grey paint. Some of the shapes in the paintings were of football helmets, guns and ammunition, and the marine’s logo. These paintings reminded me of an article where a man was criticizing the football culture and how they expected all males to act like “men.” After people read this article, the author received many hate letters calling him gay and woman. It is this type of culture that Garcia’s paintings were protesting.

Garcia’s position on this culture is mostly that one does not need to act overly masculine to be an actual man. One thing I noticed in Garcia’s exhibit was a painting that read “Don’t be gay.” I felt that this was an accurate representation of the masculine, and football, culture. When someone opposes the ideals of the culture they are quick to be labeled as gay or as women.


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