Week 11 – Activity – Plaster Casting

This weeks activity was plaster casting. There was the option of going to Seal Beach to do the assignment with the whole class. I could not go to the beach on Saturday so I completed the assignment at home using a pot filled with dirt instead of sand. The assignment was to make a mold in the sand (or in my case dirt) of one of my body parts, hand or foot (hand in my case) and then fill it with plaster casting to get a plaster of my hand. First you had to make the mold in the dirt before you made the plaster so that the mold would be ready and the plaster would not set while you made the mold. To make the plaster you had to add three parts of plaster per one part of water, such was the case with my plaster. After the plaster is poured into the mold you wait 30 minutes for it to set and harden. Then you dig it up and clean the dirt off.

My experience with this assignment was sort of nerve racking. I went overkill with the water at one point and was afraid that I would run out of plaster but I just poured some of the solution out and added more water to get it right. After the plaster was poured into the mold I had thirty minutes to kill but my mom took care of that by making me clean the house. The mold of my hand could have come out better. Because I used dirt there was not much detail in the hand and the mold remained really dirty after I attempted to clean it. I left the mold in the back-doorstep of my house in hopes that someone would come across it and get scared. At the end of the assignment I expected to have some plaster left over but I did not because I used it all since I messed up the first time.


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