Week 9- Classmate Interview- Monica Navarro

This weeks classmate interview was with Monica Navarro.  Navarro is a third year sociology major, this is quite interesting because my major is psychology which is similar enough to sociology that we can discuss topics regarding our majors quite easily.  Navarro wants to use her degree to help youths get through difficult situations in their lives.  Navarro lived in Bellflower and studied jiu jitsu and a little bit of boxing.  In addition, Navarro dislikes going to the movies for some of the same reasons that I do.  Also, Navarro is taking the ART 110 course for the GE requirement as is the case with me and all upper division students in ART110.

Navarro was a very nice person to talk to and I really apprecated not having to be the one who started the conversation.  Since Navarro is a third year sociology major and very friendly, she made me feel that I could approach her for a conversation regarding school work and be able to get work and advice fairly easily.  In addition, Navarro and I had many things in common, or at least similar, such as our experience with boxing.  Furthermore, since Navarro and I had many things in common, such as disdain for attending movie theaters, I feel that we can get together some time in the future and talk as friends.  Perhaps one of the things we would discuss is what other GE required courses we are taking besides ART 110.  Seeing that Navarro is such a sociable person, I am looking forward to meeting her in the future and striking up a conversation.


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