Week 9 – Activity- Architecture and Urban Planning

This week’s activity was to to draw a mental map of the campus and adopt a building that we would want to remake.  The idea of remaking a building the way we would want is what would give this activity its activity and urban planning theme.  For my assignment I chose to remake the Psychology building because I am a psychology major and I have already had an idea of how the building could be remade.  Currently the Psychology building looks somewhat awkward as it is almost a square except for the opening at a corner.

The way I remade the psychology building was by closing up the corner of the building and making it an actual square.  The top floors in the new corner would be new classrooms labs, etc. and the first floor of that corner would be a glass entrance.  Since the building has a sort of court yard in its middle I would remake it by putting plants, tables and benches because currently it looks very dull.  The history of the building is that it was completed around 1970 and opened officially in 1971.  The building was made the awkward shape that it is because of the experiments that would be taking place inside.  They wanted as little interference form the outside as possible which also accounts for the small windows or lack there of.

This assignment was great because it let me give my opinion on the awkwardness of the building’s design and a way to improve it. In the future I hope that someone will listen to my opinion and maybe decorate the courtyard a bit since it is so dull and lifeless.  As for the awkwardly open corner, I don’t think anybody might consider fully closing the building since that is virtually the main entrance into the building.


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