Week 8- Remix Culture- How I See the World

This weeks activity was Remix Culture and as you guessed I will make a remix.  Before anything else happens I will say that I do not own any of the music in my remix video and I am not using the video for any financial gain. All the music used belongs to their respectful owner, i.e. Down with the Sickness by Disturbed, etc.  Now onto the more fun stuff.  The idea for my remix came from the question I always ask myself, do people hear the same things I do?  Clearly people do not hear the same things that I do because I have my music playing for almost half the day.  This video shows the contrast between the regular sounds of the world are compared to what I hear.

Often, I find myself receiving odd looks from people around me due to the fact that I am “headbanging” in the most unlikely places to the music that I am listening too and others are not.  This video shows this everyday problem that I have along with many other people.  This video is humorous in juxtaposing everyday events along side everyday events with the addition of the music I listen to.

This video touches on the very common problem of disconnecting from the world through music.  Disconnecting from the world is no a bad thing; in fact, it is a very helpful method to unwind after a long stressful day.  In contrast, disconnecting from the world through music too often or on certain occasions can be bad, it can cause you to miss out on important things in life, for example, your child’s first words, or it could be worse like getting hit by a car because you did not hear it.  In conclusion, hearing music is a good means to relax but please listen responsibly because you do not want to end up with inner-ear deafness at a young age.


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