Week 10- Classmate Interview- Anthony Gonzalez

This week I met my classmate Anthony Gonzalez.  My first impression of Gonzalez was that he was a very energetic and fun person.  Our conversation started off really quickly and did not have the awkward moment other conversations had were you just ask generic questions to keep the conversation going.  Gonzalez is a second year business major that plans to create his own gym after he graduates.  Since Gonzalez is planning to open a gym it is clear that he is a bit of a fitness fanatic.  Gonzalez is a swimming instructor in Huntington beach and plays water polo.  Currently, Gonzalez is a boxing instructor at CSULB; Gonzalez got interested in boxing around his senior year in high school.

For the remainder of our conversation we spoke about boxing.  We talked about how the Mayweather V. Pacquiao fight would turn out and other related topics such as Mayweather’s defensive techniques.  The reason we were so interested in talking about boxing was because it was common ground for us; I used to box when I was little and Gonzalez is a boxing instructor.  We discussed how I could attend the boxing classes but it would cause problems because I have class around that time so Gonzalez gave me his phone number so that I could get details from him if I could attend later.

Since we talked mostly about boxing we did not have time to talk about anything else but I feel that if i join the boxing classes we will be able to talk more and be good friends.  Being able to attend the boxing classes and continuing our class conversation is something that I am looking forward to in the future.


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