Week 10 – Artist Interview – Kaclica Chhin

This week I attended the exhibit “Curiosity killed the cat and SATISFACTION brought it back” by Kaclica Chhin and Amanda Ruiz. Ruiz was not present at the time so I only got to meet Chhin.  Before the exhibit opened I made up my mind that I would attend that exhibit because it had a sign that read “WARNING: EXPLICIT MATERIAL INSIDE CONTENT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME.”  Personally, I found this sign to be more taunting, coaxing even, than deterring.  Once I entered the exhibit I was not disappointed.  In the exhibit there was a wall sculpture of people’s behinds.  The exhibit was about sex and exploration of ones body.  At the back of the room there was a box that had holes for people to put their hands in feel something.  Given the nature of the exhibit I did not put my hand inside out of fear of what I might have felt.

From walking around the room I thought that the exhibit was a response to the topic of speaking about sex or being in touch with one’s self sexually being taboo. Most of the pieces in the exhibit appeared to be of women exploring their bodies. As a matter of fact, I do not recall any piece that focused mainly on the men, although there may have been one that I missed.  For this reason the exhibit leaned towards to topic of women being in touch with themselves sexually being taboo.  It is a common practice for women to be expected to be virtually saints in the topic of sex with the expectations of women being virgins at the alter when in reality there are many women that have had sex before hand.

After speaking with Chhin about her exhibit we did go over about how awkward it was to ask her friends if she could take a mold of their rear end for her sculpture.  I asked Chhin if her exhibit was about women sexuality being taboo or the topic of sex being taboo and she answered that it was a mixture of both.  I later asked her why her exhibit contained more pieces of women than men and she answered that she just liked women more, I think it was that women sexuality gave more material to work with.  I also asked about the origins of the black box an what it contained; she answered that the box was a donation from a sex toy shop and refused to answer what was inside if I did not put my hand in to find out myself.  Thankfully I stayed to eavesdrop on the brave people who put their hand in the box and I found out that the box contained a hand, a foot, a face, and a female breast. Needless to say that they were not actual body body parts.  We concluded our conversation with the last bit of information that she got interested in art due to a 3D art class that she took in high school.


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