Week 10 – Activity – Student’s Choice

This week we had a bit of freedom to do what we wanted with our activity. The activity was entirely our choice but still had to be art related.  I chose to make my activity on the ways art can be used for serious topics like in political cartoons.  For this assignment I focused on a cartoon from my Psychology textbook that poked fun at mental health professionals.  It was funny how the Psychiatrist was subliminally trying to get the patient more inclined to thinking that the price rates for therapy were not “insane.”

This cartoon, as well as other cartoons, are an easy and effective way for people to get a particular message across because cartoons are easily understood and easily remembered.  Another factor contributing to the effectiveness of cartoons is their size. Since a cartoon is relatively small it can be put into newspapers and articles where they can be seen by many people.  Furthermore, clauses like the freedom of press clause in the U.S. constitution facilitate these cartoon’s production by ensuring that controversial cartoons are not censured.

In conclusion, although cartoons can be used to show a particular view, for example, the mental health price rates, they can also be used to fight for a serious cause, such as attempts at censorship.  The fact that cartoons can be easily created, distributed, and understood contribute to why they are so effective and hard to stop.  In the future, I hope that all who read this post get to use cartoons to aid them in any matter they are venturing upon ,whether it be a bake sale, a protest against high school fees, or a cartoon of disdain for a politician.


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