Week 8- Classmate Interview- Angelica Palad

Week eight’s classmate interview was Angelica Palad.  Palad is a first year student majoring in nutrition and dietetics.  Palad is from Porterville which is located somewhere near Delaino.  Currently, Palad lives at Parkside and finds it a pleasant experience.  It is interesting that Palad is majoring in nutrition because I have an uncle who has majored in nutrition and is currently working at a hospital as a nutritionist, it was a very interesting connection.  Her experiences of living in Porterville were particularly interesting as well because she said that there is a community of white people that live near there but they seclude themselves to their own sort of community.

I felt that I had many things in common with Palad but to different extents.  This was mostly because of a lack of motivation on my part to do the things I want to do.  For example, Palad likes to work-out and do things that are good for her health, and I too like to work-out but lack the motivation to stay on any work-out plan for long.  In addition, Palad likes to draw, as do I, but with the difference that I am not that good or have the time to practice to get better at it.  In terms of music Palad and I are very different because she likes to listen to R&B while I prefer listening to metal.

In conclusion, this week’s conversation with Palad went well.  It was a very pleasant experience because Palad was a good person to get along with.  I enjoyed talking with her and viewing the galleries together.


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