Week 8- Artist Interview- Brian Davis

This week’s artist interview was interview was of Brian Davis.  Davis’ exhibit was the most unique of all the exhibits I have seen so far.  Instead of being a typical exhibit where people come and see the art the artist created, Davis’ exhibit was more personal and leaned more to getting people involved in the art.  In this exhibit there was another artist other than Davis, Maccabee Shelley.  At one end of the room Davis was juicing and on the opposite end Shelley was attempting to make an electric drum set and had a geomancy machine on display.  The whole space in the gallery was turned into an area where people could come and relax while being a part of the art itself since people were encouraged to create art and were videotaped while doing so.

Davis described his exhibit as a way for him to break away from the traditional art form of “come and see what I made” and created a exhibit where he could give something back to the people who where going to see the exhibit instead of expecting them to just listen to him.  Davis chose to make and give away juice in his exhibit because it was a way for him to give away something people would use, health and nutrition.  Another part of his exhibit was the cups that he served the juice in.  They were painted cups made of clay. Some of the cups appeared to have flowers while others were more detailed and appeared to have landscape drawings on them.

In Shelley’s part of the exhibit he was working on making an electric drum set.  At Shelley’s exhibit one could walk up to him and talk for a long time.  Although I was not doing much talking my friend Gibson was talking a lot with Shelley as I listened and offered a comment here and there.  Shelley’s part of the exhibit was the most person-to-person oriented because you felt like you were talking to your friend and not talking to an artist about his art.

In conclusion, this exhibit was one of the best I have ever been to.  It focused more on the personal connection between people and the artists instead of having a distance between people where you feel obligated to compliment the artist’s work.  An exhibit where a person feels encouraged to talk about art as if talking to a friend is better than talking to an artist because you end up feeling like there is a power difference and this sort of exhibit does a good job of leveling the “playing field” so that one can talk with the artist more freely.


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