Week 7- Classmate Interview- Abigale

This week I interviewed my classmate Abigale. Apparently, she is in two other of my classes but we have never talked. From talking with her I found put that she is undecided on what her major is going to be but she is considering being a nurse or doing something in health care because she enjoys helping people. I also found out that she worked as a teacher for some time. She likes the color blue and likes to eat pasta, pizza, and fries.

I found that I do not have much in common with Abigale. She has a favorite color, blue, while I don’t. She also has a favorite food while I don’t care as long as the food tastes good. Another thing that we differ in is moves. She likes going to the movies while I would rather wait for the DVD to come out because I don’t like going to theaters. In conclusion, I don’t have anything in common with Abigale and I do not think we would be good friends because we seem to not have anything in common.


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