Week 7 – Activity- Portrait Photography

This weeks assignment was portrait  photography. I was expecting that we would have to make a regular picture portrait of ourselves but i was gravely mistaken. We were supposed to take a picture of ourselves in the position we imagined we would die in. Being eighteen years old I have not thought of how I might die and if i could choose I would choose not to die. But, if asked how I thought I would die I would answer, “death by school work.”

As a university student I am constantly plagued by so much assignments that I feel that I will die. That is why my portrait is of me dead, on top of my school-work, and stabbed through the neck with a pen, by my school-work. From all the other assignments I have seen I have noticed that a lot of people imagine themselves murdered but I don’t think I will get murdered. I like to think that I am a nice guy and that nobody hates me enough to want to murder me. That is why the most likely alternative for me is dying from all the work I am given.  In my picture I am at my kitchen table with my school work spread across the table in front of me.


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