Week 6- Artist Interview- Christine

For week six’s artist interview I went to the Marilyn Werby Gallery where I spoke to Christine Fuqua. The theme in this gallery was wood-work. Fuqua told us that some of the wood that they used was Ash which is the name they give to the wood from the trees on campus that were cut down because they were in danger of falling. As for Fuqua, I saw that she made a table that was bent using hold molding and a spoon.

When I talked to Fuqua she mentioned that she got into shop because it was a requirement for her course but then she changed her major because she enjoyed shop so much. Fuqua says that her ideal job would be to work for Pete Nelson on his show “Tree House Masters.” Fuqua said that this is most likely not going to happen she will probably just have her own shop in which she builds things and sells them. Fuqua also said that she had previously worked in the photography business and had her own company called “Atomic Mouse Photography” but she later stopped working in it due to her time spent with her shop classes.

I personally liked her table the most because it was bent and did not look like an ordinary table. After I talked to Fuqua I realized why wood furniture, and basically anything made out of wood, is so expensive. The amount of time that she invests in making one thing is a lot. To make the table that I like so much took around three months to make. In conclusion, after visiting the wood-work art exhibit I now have a new found respect for wood crafts.


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