Week 6- Classmate Interview- Gilmore

This week met my classmate Gilmore. The first thing that came to my mind when I met Gilmore was that he must own a Gilmore guitar. After talking I found out that Gilmore is into film and has participated in movies already. We also talked about our experiences in ART 110. We both found ART 110 to be a very fun class. We also found out that we are taking the ART 110 class for GE credit but I am taking the class for my general elective and Gilmore is taking it as part of his major.

I found Gilmore to be a very friendly person and fun to be around. Gilmore seemed like the type of person that would make everyone have a good time when they are around him. Some things that I thought I had in common with Gilmore were that…who am I kidding, we had virtually nothing in common but he was a very easy person to get along with so that made up for it.


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