Week 6- Activity- Yarn Bombing/LA2 Fabric Visit

At first sight yarn bombing did not seem like a very interesting or popular thing to do because it seemed pointless to yarn bomb outside where people would not give more than a second glance at. Then the professor said that we did not have to yarn bomb outside for the project. He said we could yarn bomb on a shirt or something of that nature. Secondly, I visited the fabric section of the LA2 building, which was really hard to find since nobody told me that I would have to use the sky bridge or what a sky bridge was.

First I will discuss my yarn bombing experience. After the professor said that I could yarn bomb on a shirt all of my mad ideas for clothing designs with yarn came rushing back at me. I like to decorate my own clothes because it is very difficult to find clothes with designs and decorations that I like. At this point I took my box that was filled with my arts materials and proceeded to decorate my shirt with the character “Bomichi” since it was yarn bombing. Now, onto my visit to the fabrics section of LA2. After I overheard people saying that they also had trouble finding the fabrics section and that they found out they had to use the sky bridge that was next to the exit of the second floor I was on my way to the fabrics section. Once I got to the fabric section I noticed that all the fabrics there were of traditional clothing of other cultures. I found them to be very nice but the only inspiration I got from them was new ways of threading and knitting.

What thought of all these activities was that they were fun and gave me an opportunity to work on something that I had not been able too for a long time due to time restraints. I personally thought that my design of “Bomichi” was very nice but was very hard to do since yarn can not be threaded onto a shirt like regular string can. To get around this I had to lay the yarn down and sew it onto the shirt with regular string, which was difficult because the yarn kept moving out of place. My visit to the fabrics section of the LA building was not all that great. I expected to find a lot of great designs with fabrics but I only say traditional clothing I had seen on issues of National Geographic. My overall experience with the fabrics section was a let down because I expected more but didn’t get anything I was expecting.


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