Week 5- Classmate Interview- Pablo

This week I met my classmate Pablo. He is a freshman at CSULB and is studying to become a mechanical engineer. Because Pablo is studying to become a mechanical engineer he is taking a lot of difficult classes such as calculus. Since Pablo is taking such difficult classes he enjoys going to ART 110 because it is easy compared to all the other classes he is taking and it offers a break from his stressful classes.

What I found that I had in common with Pablo was that we are both taking the ART 110 class purely for the GE requirement but we actually enjoy the class and don’t find it to be a nuisance. Another thing that I have in common with Pablo is that we both commute to campus but most recently Pablo joined a fraternity because he found commuting to be irritating and boring.

When I met Pablo i thought we were going to get along just fine because my best friends name is also Pablo. I know it seems a bit naive to say that but that is just the connection that I made. My classmate Pablo and I got along just fine but it could have been better. Our conversation was more of an interview than people having a casual conversation. I would have preferred our interview to have been more like a conversation between friends since all my classmate interviews have been like that and I found them to be more enjoyable that way.


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