Week 5- Artist Interview- Dianna Franco

At first glance Dianna’s paintings looked like the Trix yogurt cups that had two flavors. Another thing that I noticed was that her painting showed a kind of contrast. To me it looked like two thing that did not match were being thrown together. I saw geometric shapes that resembled buildings being surrounded by organic shapes that were of different colors.

After talking with Dianna I found out that her paintings were of the interaction between nature and civilization and the effects the have on each other. As her artist’s statement said, the paintings are about the constant flux of energy between nature and civilization and were not a propaganda for Trix yogurt as I originally thought.

One way I thought that Dianna saw nature in civilization was through¬†architecture. She may have seen that some styles of architecture were influenced by nature or that the way civilization is built has to account for the fact that nature is “in the way”. Furthermore, I found out that the paintings were not entirely of contrast but also of a flow between nature and civilization.


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