Week 5- Activity-Art Funding

As we all know nothing in this world is free and of course it also applies to art. This may be in the way of materials or copy right documentations. And unfortunately it is much more difficult to raise funds for art since arts tend not to bring a steady source of income that is not wealthy donors. Because of this there are thing like the National Endowment for the Arts and Kickstarter that people can use to fund their art.

My assignment for this week was to browse Kickstarter and find two pitches, one good and one bad. After doing so I came across the pitch for “Students not suspects – The ‘Listen’ music video” in the music category. This was the pitch that I though was good because it was for a music video that brought awareness to the militarization of school police officers. I thought this was a good pitch because it was startling to find out that school police officers were receiving grenade launchers to be used in schools.

Now moving onto the bad pitch, I found a pitch in the technology category for an online Pokemon EV calculator (featured image). If you don’t have a background in Pokemon you are just going to have to take my word on this. This is a bad pitch because online EV calculators already exist and are free. Furthermore, most of these calculators don’t give very accurate statistics and have now been made useless since the games already come with a way to find out a the EV’s.

Good Pitch 🙂



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