Week 4- Classmate Interview- Jairo

This week the classmate that I interviewed was Jairo. He is a third year student at csulb majoring in communications. He plans to use his degree to get a job in the radio business.

Currently, Jairo is a full time worker and student which gives him little time to himself. What free time he does have he spends either resting or working out. Jairo previously played soccer for many teams and currently he does not play any sports because he has little time. One of his hobbies is drawing graffiti. Because of this he was looking forward to our ART 110 graffiti. Jairo said that he went to Venice for the project and had a good time.

In conclusion, I felt that i had a lot in common with Jairo. We both are the middle child, well what one can be considered in a four sibling household. Also, we both would be good at soccer if we practiced.


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