Week 4- Artist Interview- Andrea Albarran

For this weeks artist interview I interviewed Andrea Albarran in the Max L. Gatov gallery west. When I saw Andrea’s paintings they seemed to be a mixture of portraits of people and abstract objects. One painting I saw was of a little girl surrounded by bubbles. To me, it seemed that her inspiration came from people and some place else that I didn’t know. Andrea started painting ever since she was very young but only started using oil paint five years ago.

After interviewing Andrea I found out that she got her inspiration from the people she loved and mixed it with geometric shapes to describe their personality. The painting that I saw of a little girl was Andrea’s niece. Andrea painted her surrounded by bubbles because she has a bubbly personality. This painting was originally going to be surrounded with flowers but Andrea later changed them to bubbles.

Andrea’s paintings also tell stories. One portrait of a woman had a red stain on her groin. Andrea did this to show awareness of women who have been raped. She also decided to portray the woman as a strong woman rather than weakened person due to her rape.

Personally i felt that the paintings were as she described. Her niece looked as if she would be a child to be happy all the time. The painting of the woman who was raped looked as if she was looking up which made her look as if she was looking up at the world and showing everyone that she would not let anyone bring her down.


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