Week 4- Performance Art: Mina Show

For this weeks activity we were supposed to live our life as if we were being filmed for a movie. This means that we were supposed to act as extroverted as possible to get good shots for the camara. I thought this would cause problems for me because on that particular day I was going to be very busy with three quizzes, homework, and errands.

Even though i thought this project would cause problems I did my best to make my life movie like. One this that I did was give a background story to a light poll that has a happy face on it. I named this poll that I see every day the self-esteem poll. This is because the poll is always smiling no matter how much life rains on it. That is why i think that all people should think of this poll when they are sad; if this poll can smile no matter what so can everyone else.

The highlight of my day was when my two year old neighbor came into my house and started playing with my hair. It was funny because he would move my hair into my face so that I would whip it away.

For a very busy day I feel that i got a lot accomplished today. I did a lot of school work, I named a poll, and I played with a two year old which is no easy task.


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