Week 3- Classmate Interview- Jacky Mares

This Thursday, February fifth, I met Jacky Mares in my ART 110 class. She is a very fun and interesting person to talk to. We also spent all the class time together looking at the art in the galleries and later talking a bit more after class.

I found out that Jacky is a third year student of health science. She was initially majoring in biology but after visiting her career counselor and taking some surveys she found out that she would be better suited in the health sciences. Because of this she is now aiming for a career in genetic counseling. In terms of animals she has a dog and had a goldfish, and of course, like many of us, it died. I also found out that she dislikes caged animals such as bunnies because she finds it sad that animals have to spend most of their lives in cages.

I, personally, thought that I had much in common with Jacky. All the sciences have been my favorite subjects throughout school although now I am majoring in psychology. Most of what I found out that we have in common was after class when we were talking. We both were into video games and anime but not a lot like many people who have the latest gaming systems and have memorized all the game story lines. Also we talked our lives and families and we discovered that we have the same problem of people thinking we are much younger than we actually are.


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