Week 2- Interview a Classmate- Amanda

On Thursday, February the first I had the pleasure of meeting my classmate Amanda Bjornstad. She has one of the highest grades in our ART 110 class. This was not my first time meeting Amanda because in the previous semester I was in the same class as her. Although this was the first time I did have an extensive conversation with Amanda.

This time around I found out that she was a bio-chemistry major. As for her hobbies go I pieced together that she liked gymnastics and she told me today that that was indeed true.  She is a very athletic looking person as opposed to I who am just lucky to have the genes that make me look thin.

Furthermore, as a person who eats a lot, I have rarely met people who have said that they do not like to eat. Amanda on the other hand says that she does not like to eat. Well that shouldn’t really be shocking to anyone because we are all different and like different things. Although this may serve as an advantage to Amanda because if she is not picky about her food then she can eat healthy foods without much complaint thus being healthier than all of us.


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