Week 2- Artist Interview- Maccabee Shelley

For this weeks visit to the art galleries i went to the Gatov gallery where Maccabee Shelley has displaying his art. His art pieces were of melted glass. It sounds simple but in reality every piece comes out different from all the others and different from Maccabee’s expectations. Hey decided to give his art the title, “No Redemption Value.” What exactly did Maccabee want to say by no redemption value? Did he want to say that his art was not valuable or was it something more meaningful like the representation of an aspect of life that has no value? Whatever it may be I can see that this art has a lot to it than meets the eye.

From the group interview I was in, I got to understand that Maccabee was influenced by a background in science and his own art work. This is because on the side of some of his pieces you can see the layers of glass bottles that Maccabee used. To Maccabee the layers represent that of the layers of the earth. This is because land, as Maccabee’s art, comprise many layers. As for the way Maccabee inspires his own work is a way that is truly resourceful. As the very nature of Maccabee’s glass melting work is unpredictable he constantly finds himself looking at new shapes and designs in his glass that inspire new ways for other works. Maccabee finds that for this long work to be as best as can be he has to work without his conscious mind, that is not planning things out and letting them be unconscious.

To me the art represented that although something as simple as glass that can be deemed to have no value it can still be valuable to other people. It can even be used to make art as Maccabee did. The spontaneous shapes that Maccabee creates can also show how art can never be in one specific genre, shape or even media. Art is ever changing and can never be controlled. That is what i think Maccabee is trying to say with his art.


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