Week 2- Activity- Spray Painting

This weeks activity was to spray paint.  Generally it was just to spray paint with at least two colors and have your name done in bubble letters.  For my activity i decided to use the colors red and black.

What i did was use a piece of poster paper as my drawing plain because if i had used any of the walls in my house my father would have killed me. First I spray painted the whole paper red to have a red background and waited for the paint to dry because I was going to use stencils for my next step. After the paint had dried I spray painted the image of a woman with black spray paint.  After this I waited for the image to dry and spray painted the image of a vine with leave using, again, a stencil and black spray paint.

This was a very fun activity that I think is appropriate for all ages.  I say this because at the time i was working on my piece, my neighbors had come out to play and later started to crowd around me to see what i was doing.  Why they were up at seven in the morning i don’t know.  Don’t ask about me either, I just naturally wake up around that hour.  After I finished with my work i let my neighbors mess around with the spare paint I had and after it all ran out the fun was over and so was my activity for the day.


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